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“I founded  Majoie Maldives out of a simple motivation: Empowering Maldivian women in local islands. After my visit to local islands of Addu city in 2013. I discovered the shocking reality: Womens in local islands don’t get opportunities to work and be financially independent. Their daily responsibilities are mainly to take care of the house and the kids while their husband, son or father will be working in a far away resort island to earn few wages to support their families. I sensed that maldivian women could have chance to be financially independent and support their community, and also do something that makes them feel proud.

At Majoie, We believe in the power of natural ingredients and we also believe in women power and creativity to achieve a sustainable future and that each of us can choose to play a part (small or big) in making a difference. We are proud to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, to empower women and achieve gender equality #goal5  and ensure sustainable production practices #goal12.”

Nadia Laouina – Founder

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Each MAJOIE product sold will help support the “Beyond Sustainable” project in Addu city which aim to teach and train maldivian women in local islands to create coconut based products for them to resell and earn a sustainable living. And also providing them with the necessary Business and Marketing skills to grow their own business.


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For  more information about the project, please contact us at: info@majoiemaldives.com