beyond sustainable project in addu city by Majoie maldives

I founded MAJOIE Maldives out of a simple motivation “Empowering Maldivian women in the local Islands”.

In 2013, I visited Addu city islands located in the southern part of the Maldives, an hour and half by domestic flight from the capital Male. The first thing I have noticed while on the island is that many women arenliving there and only few men, most of those women are just staying home to take care of their house and children while their husband are working in a far away resort island to earn few wages to support their family. They see their husband only once every three or six months due to difficulty to travel from the island resort to their home island.

The women in the local islands depends on their husband for financial support since there is only few job opportunities on the island. It was something surprising for my as I grew up in a family with equal right of work opportunities, my mother is a financially independent women and she thought me so.

I believed that maldivian women must have a chance to be financially independent and support her community, and also do something that makes her feel proud.

A week later, I left the island with a vision and a dream is one day to come back to help empower those women.

In 2018, I came back to the same island and founded MAJOIE Maldives with a mission to generate positive changes and provide sustainable income for maldivian women in local islands and give them opportunity to work from their home. A work with dignity not charity.

At MAJOIE, We believe in women power and creativity to achieve a sustainable future and that each of us can choose to play a part (small or big) in making a difference. We are proud to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, to empower women and achieve gender equality #goal5  and ensure sustainable production practices #goal12.”

Nadia Laouina – Founder


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Beyond sustainable is a social initiative by MAJOIE Maldives which aim to train and support maldivian women in the local islands and provide them with the necessary business skills so they can earn a fair wages.


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